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CARLA’s the gently gendered acronym of Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles, a gorgeous print quarterly and digital clearinghouse set up to expand critical dialogue inside the city’s present art bull market and present local arts discourse that’s “bold, honest, approachable, and focused on the here and now.” Club 5 members get free shipping on the first year of their CARLA print subscription.
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
15% OFF

Ponderosa Cactus

Tues — Sun: 10am — 6pm
Ponderosa Cactus is a succulent storefront in deep Highland Park co-owned by a pair of thoughtful sisters who grew up in the nursery business in Arizona. Every plant in the shop has its own elegance, hand-picked and potted in simple terra-cotta pots, healthy and happy and ready to go. They’ve got funky rarities: scraggly cacti with ghostly long hairs, brainlike ridged Myrtillo, but there’s something in the shop for every budget, and the advice is free. Club 5 members get 15% off.
128 N Ave 64
Highland Park

Wende Museum

Fri: 10 am — 9 pmSat & Sun: 10 am — 5 pm
The Wende Museum of the Cold War is dedicated to preserving the cultural artifacts and personal histories of Cold War-era Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, with a collection of magazines and rare books, busts of Lenin, Stalin, and other figureheads, furniture and homewares, and other ephemera from the period that few institutions today actively collect, despite the era’s clear resonance with our own cultural moment. Club 5 members get three free postcards from the museum gift shop, a $5 value.
10808 Culver Boulevard
Culver City
50% OFF

The Main Museum

Wed—Sun: 12pm — 7 pm
The Main Museum of Los Angeles Art is a downtown dream-seed with a mission to engage the city through the art of its luminary residents. Opting for a residency program over a permanent collection, the Main is always in flux, and growing–although the full museum is some years out, their experimental space on 4th, the Beta Main, is the spot to watch. Club 5 members receive 50% off select items in the gift shop.
114 W 4th
10% OFF

Women’s Center for Creative Work

Mon — Fri: 10am — 6pm
The Women’s Center for Creative Work is a vital resource for women in Los Angeles: they work tirelessly to support a staggering number of feminist programs, classes, workshops, performances and meetings from their space in Frogtown and beyond. The real deal. Joining WCCW gets you into all their events free and supports the the good & fun work they do everyday; Club 5 members get 10% off all WCCW memberships.
2425 Glover Place
10% OFF


Mon — Fri: 12 pm — 8 pm
Worship Vintage is a homey little vintage clothing shop, relocated to Echo Park from the Big Bad Apple. The place is run by musicians and artists, and the era-spanning vintage stock reflects their sensibilities: shearling leather coats and 1920s silk flapper dresses, psychedelic 60s housecoats and patched men’s denim jackets, the wardrobe of a grand lost weekend. Make it grander with 10% off storewide.
1104 Mohawk St
Echo Park
15% OFF


Mon — Sat: 11am — 7pmSunday: 12pm — 6pm
MYKITA is eyewear, hand-assembled with steely precision and unimpeachable Berliner cool. Known for their luxe collaborations with houses like Margiela, Damir Doma, and Bernhard Willhelm, they run their LA flagship from the Eastern Columbia Building downtown: a vision of blinding white and fine terrazzo, a temple for high aesthetes of the spec. The in-shop laboratory is fully equipped to fulfill optical prescriptions and fit lenses. Club 5 members enjoy 15% off in-store.
847 S Broadway
10% OFF

Locali & The Badasserie

Mon — Fri: 8am — 10pm
Locali is a mini-empire of health-conscious convenience stores with outposts in Hollywood, Venice, and Downtown. Their claim to fame is the Badass, hands down the best veggie breakfast sandwich in the Southland: a perfect hockey puck of fake sausage, melty cheese, maple syrup, and chipotle, all wrapped up in brown paper, like a New York bodega egg sammie filtered through the hippie lens of LA. Club 5 members get 10% off all Locali locations, including the downtown Badasserie.
5825 Franklin
15% OFF

Audio for All

Audio For All is a rental house that believes access to quality music and audio hardware should be painless and democratic. They rent, and deliver gratis, top-shelf synths and drum machines, rack processors and PAs, tube amps and vital pedals. Especially for newer musicians and producers, or those without the psychic bandwidth to become pure gearheads, this gives you a chance to try equipment before sinking all your hard-earned cash on some eBay impulse buy.
Los Angeles
The Internet

Amara Kitchen

Mon—Sun: 8am—6pm
Amara Kitchen is a neighborhood café that makes people feel welcomed, and the unpretentious, colorful food emerges so clearly from the hands of loving people that it might as well be potluck hour at your best friends’ place—if your BFF were a cousin of Alice Waters with a penchant for runny poached eggs and on-point avo toast, that is. Everything’s organic, and lots of gluten-free and vegan options for the people. Club 5 members get a free pastry with purchase.
519 N Ave 64
Highland Park


Mon—Fri: 6am—8pmSat & Sun: 7am—6pm
EVERYBODY is a gym with a mission: to welcome everybody who feels unwelcomed, for whatever reason, at your standard Equinox. That means the changing rooms are gender-neutral, the rates are sliding-scale, and the classes emphasize healing alongside cardio and strength-building. Get swole for the revolution. Club 5 members receive 10% off their first purchase or visit—that means classes or membership.
1845 N San Fernando
Cypress Park

The Autry

Tues — Fri: 10am — 4pmSat & Sun: 10am — 5pm
The Autry Museum is dedicated to the broad and complicated idea of the American West. Located in the heart of Griffith Park, its galleries include one of the most significant collections of Native American materials in the United States, and visitors leave dizzied with the many cultures, traditions, and experiences that make our corner of the planet significant. Club 5 members receive $5 off general museum admission—not valid during specially ticketed events, naturally, and can’t be combined with other discounts.
4700 Western Heritage Way
Griffith Park


Friday — Sun: 10 am — 11 pm
Kismet is a Mediterranean spot from the fresh female minds behind Grand Central’s unimpeachable falafel stand, Madcapra. No falafel here, but loads of bright, vegetable-heavy small plates: savory grilled radicchio, herby new potatoes, flaky malawah bread piled with house labneh, baked eggs and vertiginous toasts. The food is sublime, and Club 5 members receive a free harissa-spiced olives with their order.
4648 Hollywood
Los Feliz


Mon, Tues, Thurs: 11 am — 5 pmFriday: 11 am — 8 pmSaturday & Sunday: 10 am — 7 pm
LACMA is Los Angeles’ verdant, sprawling temple to human creativity; the largest art museum in the western United States, it’s home to everything from pre-Columbian masterpieces to a James Turrell Perceptual Cell, passing through Picasso, Hockey, Cezanne and Calder on the way, plus one of the most substantial collections of Islamic art in the world. Club 5 members now get $2 off General Admission to LACMA!
5905 Wilshire
10% OFF

The O.J. Tour

By Appointment
The O.J. Simpson trial might be the most strange, brutal, complicated, interesting thing to ever happen in Los Angeles; nearly 20 years later, we’re all still talking about it. Experience it all over again with the O.J. Tour. You’ll visit the crime scene, Rockingham, the infamous Mezzaluna restaurant, and more, with in-depth commentary by Adam Papagan, a Brentwood native. Club 5 members get 10% off the usual price; tell ’em we sent you when you make the appointment, and be sure to wear your pin when you go!
$25 OFF


Joymode is an app that rents out everything you need to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Instead of investing thousands of bucks into camping equipment, for example, you can Joymode a tent, sleeping bags, and a stove for a camping weekend. Or a movie projector for your backyard. Or a pasta maker. Or a dozen pool floaties. They’ll bring it to your door, and pick it up when you’re done. At the end of the weekend, you have the memories and not the stuff. Club 5 members get a free Joymode membership and their first experience for $25 off.
Los Angeles
The Internet
50% OFF

Skirball Cultural Center

Mon ClosedTue—Fri 12pm — 5pmSat & Sun 10am — 5pm
The Skirball Cultural Center is an educational institution devoted to sustaining Jewish heritage and “American democratic ideals.” Stroll in with your Club 5 pin and you’ll get half-off admission, which means cheap access to rotating current exhibitions and the Skirball’s marquee permanent collection of Judaica, a 4,000 year journey of artifacts and testimonies.
2701 N Sepulveda
10% OFF


Mon—Weds: By AppointmentThu—Sat: 12pm—8pmSunday: 12pm—5pm
When you buy something nice, it lasts. That’s the principle behind Museo, a menswear consignment/resale boutique right at the kissing point between Silverlake and Echo Park. They traffic in well kept, high-end men’s clothes—smart tailored suits, beautiful leather jackets, proper jeans, and those suede loafers you deserve—sold secondhand, along with a nice crop of new items, to dudes with an eye for value. Come by with your Club 5 pin and you’ll get an additional 10% off non-discounted duds.
2516 W Sunset
Silver Lake

The Hi Hat

Mon — Sun 7pm—2am
A former dingy billiards joint on York boulevard, The Hi Hat is the local venue for Highland Park, a neighborhood that was full of musicians without anywhere to plug in, until the ‘Hat arrived. It’s a spacious, high-ceilinged hall with a few pool tables left over for sharking; you’ll be seeing all your friends’ bands here in the foreseeable future. Club 5 members get a sweet 15% off their drink tab.
5043 York
Highland Park
15% OFF

Garrett Leight California Optical

Mon — Sun 11am—7pm
Chances are, if you see a chic-looking person in comely sunglasses window shopping on Fairfax or Abbot-Kinney, they’re wearing Garrett Leights. The brand makes breezy, high-end specs for Angelenos and those who dream of being Angelenos; with roots in Venice and lots of collaborations with local artists and designers, Garrett Leight’s got real California flair. Club 5 members get 15% off a single eyewear purchase at Garrett Leight California Optical’s LaBrea location. Future’s bright.
165 S La Brea
10% OFF

Perfect Circuit Audio

Mon — Fri 10am — 7pmSat 12pm — 6pm
Perfect Circuit Audio is a one-stop Silk Road for vintage synth abusers. This Burbank brick-and-mortar deals in silicon chips and circuitry, so you can noodle to your heart’s content on tables decked with sequencers, keyboards, drum machines, and pedals both new and old. There is no superior destination for this stuff: it is synth Shangri-La, and Club 5 members score 10% off retail.
2405 W Empire
10% OFF


Weds—Fri 12pm—7pmSat 12pm—6pmSun 12pm—5pm
Collection is a slim little vintage shop on that strip of Sunset right before Echo Park shades into Downtown. It specializes in impeccably chic women’s vintage: high-end 90s designer stuff, perfectly worn-in denim, amazing shoes, imported textiles, well-cut anonymous basics in silk and linen, all edited by the master hand of its proprietress, the collector herself. If you’re looking for that perfect whatever, it’s all killer, no filler.
1282 W Sunset
Echo Park
10% OFF


Sun — Thurs: 11am — 9pmFri & Sat: 11am —10pm
We were once satisfied when kings and queens delivered us our burgers, but now we demand the hand of actual deities behind the grill. We demand Burgerlords, a burger window in the heart of Chinatown Central Plaza that keeps it simple with three choices: Ham-, Cheese-, Double-Cheese—plus housemade vegan varieties, all ranging from $5-$7. 10% off for Club 5 members. Legit price point, great burgers, no bullshit.
943 N Broadway
10% OFF


Mon—Thurs: 11am — 8pmFri & Sat: 11am—10pm
Dune is an organic falafel spot in the heart of Atwater Village’s pedestrian strip. The food is simple, pure of heart, devoid of nonsense, healthy without being fussy, and wouldn’t appear out of place on a table in ancient Greece. Your lunch—a lamb or falafel sandwich on pillowy homemade bread, piled high with electric-magenta turnip pickles, fistfuls of fresh herbs, and shoestring potatoes, served with a plate of rosewater-infused dates and a mint iced tea—awaits. And it’s 10% off.
3143 Glendale
Atwater Village

Time Travel Mart

Mon-Sun 12pm—6pm
Whenever you are, we’re already then—that’s the slogan of Echo Park’s Time Travel Mart, a convenience store that stocks time-traveling essentials like conquistador helmets, “robot milk,” and portable wormholes. You may not be leaping through the centuries anytime soon, but rest assured your purchases serve the here and now: all proceeds benefit 826LA, a nonprofit that supports writing classes for kids. Club 5 members get a free “pastport,” the only documentation officially recognized by the Intertemporal Travel Commission, when they shop at Time Travel Mart.
1714 W Sunset
Echo Park

La Brea Tar Pits & Museum

Mon—Sun: 9:30am—5pm
Every Angeleno should visit The La Brea Tar Pits. The museum is a mid-century concrete wonder, one of our favorite buildings in LA. Inside there’s a goth wall of Dire Wolf skulls, and scientists dusting Ice Age fossils found right in Hancock Park, where the lawns are squishy, dotted with bubbles of black tar. The Pleistocene Garden is consistent with the native vegetation of the LA Basin 40,000 years ago, the bubbling lake full of mammoth sculptures looks awesomely hellish, and active excavations promise bones in the sulfurous depths. Club 5 members get $2 off admission, so go learn something.
5801 Wilshire

Natural History Museum

Mon — Sun 9:30am — 5pm
The Natural History Museum, once a staid receptacle of old stuff, has transformed in recent years into a groovy indoor-outdoor museum, with three and a half acres of meandering nature trails, to attract local wildlife, and breezy outdoor programs, to attract humans. Of course, the old stuff never fails: come for dioramas, butterflies, bones, and the dazzling gem room. Club 5 members save $2 on admission.
900 Exposition Blvd
Exposition Park

Perpetual Dawn

Once a monthly Berlin-inspired late night underground techno party, Perpetual Dawn has reinvented itself of late as a wiggly roving art installation, with video work and live performances popping up at venues like Coaxial and Zebulon. Club members get half off admission by flashing the badge.
Los Angeles
10% OFF

Artist & Craftsman Supply

Mon — Sat 9am — 7pmSun 11am — 6pm
Think of it as an Arts District within the Arts District: a warehouse-sized emporium of all the things an enterprising creative human might need to paint, draw, sketch and mold. They have an inconceivable selections of pens and markers, all variety of notebooks and great big sheaths of fancy paper, and we never leave empty-handed or without the aspiration to finally give plein-art sketching a shot.
1921 E 7th St
Arts District
10% OFF

East/West Shop

Wed — Sat 12pm — 8pm
East/West shop is a vintage clothing store in Chinatown’s happenin’ Far East Plaza, that two-story foodie mini-mall stringed with red lantern lights. East/West carries a thoughtful, reasonably-priced, selection of faded denim, psychedelic housecoats, fake Grateful Dead tour memorabilia, old army jackets, plus lots of hilarious patches and t-shirts covered in Seinfeld jokes. Perfect post-lunch browse.
727 N Broadway #115


Hours Vary
Clockshop is Frogtown/Elysian Valley’s premier civically-inclined multifaceted arts lab. They hold campouts on the LA River, throw poetry readings by moonlight, and incite all manner of creative discourse with, for, and about the city of Los Angeles—particularly its riparian zones. We’re great admirers of Clockshop, and now you can be too, with two-for-one admission to their magic “Reading at Moonrise” events. Make sure you wear your pin to redeem.
2806 Clearwater

Organic Kind

Mon 12am — 8pmTues — Sat 11am — 10pmSun 12pm — 8pm
Organic Kind is a boutique delivery service specializing in organic cannabis, all of which is grown and dried organically on their farm in the hills of Santa Cruz. Locally-owned “farm to door” drugs, guys. If you’re both a credentialed stoner and a member of Club 5, they’ll toss in a free gram of organic, premium cannabis with your order, a $20 value. Just mention Club 5 when you order online, by text, or by phone. Delivers to Silver Lake, Echo Park, Highland Park, South Pasadena, Pasadena, Mount Washington, and the Arts District Downtown.
NE Los Angeles
The Internet
10% OFF

Virgil Normal

Tue — Sat 11am — 7pm
Virgil Normal is a clothing and accoutrements store in Virgil Village. A major humanitarian effort for sartorially-challenged men across greater Los Angeles, VN stocks both new and vintage wares for boys and tomboys, with a base of Cali-casual from labels like Rodarte, Apolis, Kiriko, Jackknife Denim, and Bridge & Burn. Their vintage eye is exquisite—think perfectly paint-splattered 50s coveralls, worn-in denim jackets, and screwy hippy patches—and the shop stocks cool weird one-off things like custom airbrushed Vans. Look sharp.
4157 Normal
East Hollywood

Craft & Folk Art Museum

Tue — Fri 11am — 5pmSat & Sun 12 — 6pm
Since 1973, the radically intimate Craft & Folk Art Museum on Wilshire has been reminding Angelenos of the power of the handmade: their mission, to challenge established ideas about craft and folk art by exhibiting a robust mix of contemporary takes on traditional handicraft techniques, is regularly supplemented by hands-on workshops for visitors eager to take on the tactile. Admission here has always been reasonable—it’s even pay what you want on Sundays—but we’ll do you one better, with two-for-one admission for Club 5 members.
5814 Wilshire
10% OFF

Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Mon — Thurs 9am — 9pmFri & Sat 9am — 10pmSun 9am — 8pm
Tell us, what is more LA than a baked treat devoid of gluten, sugar, soy, and dairy? Such a marvel is not impossible. It’s been acheived in Larchmont Village, at Erin McKenna’s Bakery (formerly Babycakes), by some alchemy of coconut and unusual flours, and it’s doesn’t just taste okay: it tastes better. McKenna’s universally hypoallergenic concoctions range from pillowy Belgian waffles to chocolate-chip cookie frosting sandwiches and a changing menu of dense, sweet donuts—it’s all kryptonite. Club 5 members get 10% off all purchases.
236 N Larchmont
Larchmont Village

Meltdown Comics

Mon & Tue 11am — 9pmWed 11am — 10pmWed — Sun 11am — 9pm
For devotees of the comic book, there is only one place in Los Angeles, and that place is Meltdown Comics: for 20 years now, the central hub of all things paneled and inked, a meeting ground for pop junkies, podcast nerds, and collectors. They sell the stuff, teach the stuff, breathe the stuff—even their logo was drawn by Dan Clowes. Club 5 members shopping at Meltdown get many deals: on Mondays, 15% off. On Wednesdays, free bags & boards. The rest of the week, 10% off. Pow!
7522 Sunset
West Hollywood
10% OFF

Delicious Pizza

Mon — Sun 7am — 11pm
Nothing goes together quite like pizza and music, right? Every band in the world survives on a diet of 90% pizza—that is a true fact—and no food more effortlessly represents the lifestyle of the beat. You get it. We get it. Delicious Pizza, a new pizza place in West Adams co-founded by father-son duo Fred and Travis Sutherland and Delicious Vinyl’s Mike Ross, get it. Delicious Vinyl brought us the Pharcyde, Young MC, and Tone Loc, and the pizza shop draws from the label’s hip-hop legacy: the pies are killer, but it’s the hip-hop memorabilia all over the walls and the jukebox stacked with jams that make Delicious Pizza such a special place. All Club 5 pinholders get 10% off their ‘za.
5419 W Adams
West Adams


Sun — Wed 10am — 5pmThurs — Sat 10am — 9pm
Madcapra is a chic falafel stall, all white tile and neon, in the ever-more-refined foodie palace that is downtown’s Grand Central Market, where a discerning city luncher can pair a pillowy green falafel sammie—loaded with cauliflower, labneh, fennel, and cilantro—with some iced cardamon coffee and a side of grilled cabbage. Club 5 members get a free beet-sumac soda, made in-house, with any sandwich or salad purchase.
317 S Broadway

Prufrock Pizzeria

Mon — Fri 11am — 1amSat & Sun 10am — 1am
Everyone knows the Regent is the best new music venue in Los Angeles in ages—a grandly restored former grindhouse cinema downtown, with clear sightlines from pretty much any spot in the room. To boot, it shares real estate with Prufrock Pizzeria, which serves up Neapolitan-style pies baked in a 900+ degree wood oven a stone’s throw from the show. The mozz is fresh, the crusts bubbly, the toppings—lemony arugula, poached eggs, roasted fennel, spicy sopresatta—superlative. Believe it or not, Club 5 members each get a free beer or glass of wine with any in-house pizza purchase. You’re welcome.
446 S Main
$10 OFF

LA Beer Hop

Hours Vary
We are in the midst of a craft beer renaissance in Los Angeles. Breweries are booming, bars are on the rise, and we’ve developed a community of hop-enthusiasts robust enough to rival any other beer town worth its suds. That being said, Los Angeles is also geographically vast, so best call on our pals at LA Beer Hop to be your designated drivers: they’ll take you all around the city to LA’s best beer hotspots, serve you flights of beers at every stop, and get you home safely. The tours are ordinarily $65 but we’re saving you ten bucks with our secret code, which we’ll whisper into your ears once you sign up for Club 5.
Locations Vary
The Internet
$5 OFF

Geffen Playhouse

Hours Vary
The Geffen Playhouse is a world-class theater housed in a former UCLA Masonic clubhouse in Westwood; it feels strangely appropriate, in this city so devoted to the screen, for proper theater to take on the trappings of a secret society. No initiations, however, are necessary for us neophytes, just a love of plays, a desire to see known actors of the screen flexing their live theatrical muscles, and a sweet ticket deal thanks to Club 5—$5 off any available ticket to any season show. Not valid with any other offer and fees may apply. You’ll need to enter a code when you buy tickets online. We’ll give it to you when you join the club.
10886 Le Conte
10% OFF


Tue — Sun 11am — 5pm
Myrtle is a little boutique standing sentry on the border between Silverlake and Echo Park. Its inventory of lovely clothes, delicate and structural jewelry, home goods, and small-batch cosmetics is entirely made by independent female designers from all around the world, so shoppers can fight the patriarchy without breaking a sweat, especially armed with Club 5’s additional 10% discount storewide.
1318 E 7th, #146

Face Haus

Mon — Sat 10am — 8pmSun 10am — 6pm
Listen, we love Los Angeles more than the next guy, but we have to admit it’s a polluted desert—good for 90s apocalyptic flavor, bad for delicate human skin. So let’s all get facials! We found this great place that does ’em for the people, a bright and airy face bar where the skincare is for real, the atmosphere is patently unsnobby, and the prices won’t ruin you: FaceHaus. There’s one in West Hollywood and one in Studio City. They do half-hour facials for $45, and if you’re a Club 5 member, you’ll get a free add-on service with your facial, like a blast of Vitamin C or some extra rigorous pore excavation.
8377 W 3rd
West Hollywood
20% OFF


Mon & Tue 11am — 8pmWed 1pm — 8pmThurs & Fri 10am — 7pmSat & Sun 9am — 6pm
Southpaw is a hair salon that doesn’t skimp on high-class pampering just because it’s a men’s-only spot; all the deft barbering comes prefaced with a cup of strong french-press coffee (or tea, if that’s your thing) and is finished with hot towels, like in the old world. They specialize in manly things like fades, clipper cuts, and beard trims, so you can be assured you’ll leave looking appropriately dapper—and having saved 20% off your haircut just for being a pin-wearing friend of ours.
2522 Hyperion
Silver Lake
20% OFF

The Establishment

Mon — Wed 11am — 8pmThurs & Fri 10am — 7pmSat & Sun 9am — 6pm
Sister business to the men’s-only salon Southpaw, The Establishment is a beloved Silverlake beauty shop that pretty much does it all: haircuts, color, waxing, makeup, elaborate skin care rituals, et al. It’s an Aveda joint so it always smells like an herbal breeze, the vibe is 200% less clinical than most other salons, they serve a mean cup of coffee to patrons, and you get 20% off cuts if you roll in there sporting a Club 5 pin.
2894 Rowena
Silver Lake
$2 OFF


Mon & Weds: 11am—6pmThursday: 11am—8pmFriday: 11am—6pmSat & Sun: 11am—5pm
Just your local world-class arts institution, spread over three facilities covering the breadth of Los Angeles: the MOCA Grand downtown, the Geffen in Little Tokyo, and the MOCA Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood collectively house and display one of the nation’s most substantial and renowned permanent collections, plus boundary-pushing exhibitions. Club 5 members get $2 off the price of admission. Can’t be combined with any other discount, obviously. Go edify yourself!
250 S Grand
15% OFF

The New California Barber

Mon — Sat 11am — 7pmSun 11am — 5pm
15% OFF HAIRCUTS MONDAY-FRIDAYAh, hair. If we could place it into cryostasis the moment it grows to the ideal length, we would, but we can’t, so instead we take our heads to the New California Barbershop for no-nonsense follicular maintenance. For men, women, and children, all the haircuts are $35 bucks a pop—clean and classic and finished with a hot towel. No intimidating salon vibes, just an open door and a pair of scissors. The already-low price dips 15% for Club 5 members on weekdays. Tip your barber!
2203 W Sunset
Silver Lake
15% OFF

Scoops Chinatown

Tue — Sat 12pm — 10pm
Fans of Scoops, Tai Kim’s sublime ice cream mini-empire, rejoice! In addition to the original location on Heliotrope, a Highland Park outpost, and that mysterious tentacle on the West side, there’s now a cheery Scoops location in Chinatown, tucked into Far East Plaza, that half-abandoned mini-mall well on its way to becoming a happenin’ foodie hotspot. With all the nutty flavor combos you’ve come to love, different every day—and 15% off for Club 5 members.
727 N Broadway
5% OFF

Thank You For Coming

Sat & Sun 11am — 3pm
Thank You For Coming is a restaurant that’s also an artist residency program—with conceptual menus and culinary events that emphasize community, art, and eating. It’s a beautifully utopian social experiment with no business existing in this weary world, and the food is great to boot. Every meal here is an experience, as meals should be, and if you’re a Club 5 member, that experience will be enhanced with a 5% discount and spontaneous actions decided on the spot by Thank You For Coming.
3416 Glendale
Atwater Village

The Hammer Store

Tue — Fri 11am — 8pmSat & Sun 11am — 5pm
Last year, the Hammer Museum in Westwood did Los Angeles a solid and made admission to the museum free, for good. Not a dime for their public programs, among the best in the city, nor a single penny for their world-class shows, temporary installations, or the Armand Hammer Collection. At this point, they’ve earned their keep—so support the Hammer by patronizing their shop, which is as thoughtfully curated as the museum itself. Even easier when they just hand you a free Hammer Autopoint Pencil.
10899 Wilshire
15% OFF

Donut Friend

Tue — Thurs 7am — 10pmFri — Sat 7am — 12amSun 7am — 10pm
It sounds too good to be true. A donut joint that—instead of crullers and frosted jelly-filled—makes custom donuts while you wait, using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. A Donut Friend donut is actually more like a donut sandwich: order a donut, and they slice it, fill it with whatever toppings you want, then smash it together and glaze the entire thing. Even dreamier, the donuts are almost all vegan and named after seminal post-punk bands (Jets to Basil, Drive Like Jelly, et al). Friendship is forever, especially when it’s 15% off.
5107 York
Highland Park

Upstairs at Ace Hotel Downtown LA

Mon—Sun: 11am — 2am
At night, in the neon glow of a “Jesus Saves” sign, the rooftop bar at Ace Hotel is a striking vantage point on the Bladerunner lights of Los Angeles’ old-new Downtown. It’s also a shiny podium for the city’s best and brightest cultural representatives, who regularly DJ, improvise, project video art, dance, pop-up, perform and otherwise illuminate the skyline at Ace’s behest. With 15% off food at the rooftop bar for Club 5 members, you’re set.
933 S Broadway
10% OFF


Mon — Sat 12pm—7pmSun 11pm — 6pm
Otherwild is part community space, part retail destination for surreal quartz jewelry, witchy tinctures, feminist zines, handmade ceramics, and limited-edition art objects. It smells like a pine forest and perpetually hosts heady events, from candle-dipping workshops to trunk sales and noise shows, all issuing from the shop’s close community of artists, makers, and dreamers. You don’t need a 10% off discount to support this place, but you have one, so go use it.
1768 N Vermont
Los Feliz
10% OFF


Mon — Wed 12pm — 7pmThurs — Sun 11am — 7pm
Poketo’s trademark is airy spaces filled with a considered collection of lovely and colorful home goods, stationery, and clothes—all of which issued from the human hands of owners Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung’s extended community of makers. Save 10% if you sport your Club 5 pin to Poketo’s Arts District or brand-new Culver City location.
820 E 3rd
Arts District

Terms & Conditions

Discounts are subject to availability and apply to in-person sales only.

When visiting restaurants, make sure to present your pin before requesting the check. Discounts exclude tax and gratuity, happy hour, take-out, deliveries, special events and holidays. Club 5 is valid only at listed locations, and can’t be combined with any other promotions. In the rare instance that a business doesn’t recognize your Club 5 pin, we can’t be held responsible. Honestly, just be reasonable.

If you have any questions, please write us at feedback@5everyday.com.